Lot of new results!

 We have lot of news to share from last few weekends of showing!

Last shows Rylio Dashing Summer Wind in Estonia made as really proud - getting Jun CAC, Junior BOB, Junior Tallin winner'14 and finally Junior BIS-3 at CACIB Tallin winner 2014! And latest weekend going Junior club winner 2014, Junior BOB, BOB, Club winner 2014 and Junior BISS on Estonian hunting dog speciality! Well done guys!

Gattuso after his last show!


And mean while on Latvian Club winner 2014 under judge Siv Sando (Norway) our Lithuanian team did good as well:

Rylio Dusty Summer Road - ex1/2, Jun CAC, Club Jun Winner 2014, Jun BOB, BM2, Jun BIS4

Rylio Dazzling Summer Glory - ex 1/2, Jun CAC, Club Jun winner 2014, BB3

Rylio CU Later Alligator - ex1, CAC, Club winner 2014, BOS

Waldwiese Silver N Jazz - ex1, vet CAC, Vet Club winner 2014,Veteran BOB, BB2, Veteran res.BIS


All CAC will be LV CHs just as we will finish LT CHs